Hi there, I’m Steve McKinney, a designer. I focus on visual and user experience design. I have over 5 years experience working with new and large companies. I work with great attention to detail, understanding the problem and results which are needed.
Where I started
It all started in year 7 of secondary school, in an ICT class, we were taught to make a website in Microsoft Frontpage. Eventually I discovered Photoshop, after lots of perseverance trying to download it, I taught myself to design and code websites. 
I have learnt so much through the years, from typography, visual hierarchy and colour to information architecture, CSS and Wordpress. It wasn’t apparent until University that it was a viable career path, never mind, differing roles for making a website.
It’s more of an independent mindset, if ever I had a problem, I’d find a way round it. That’s how you learn, through a bit of struggling, endless tinkering and Googling. It’s one of the best things about learning web related topics. The amount of information out there is endless.
Focusing on design & sharing
After far too many years, I finally realised, I should do the same: write and share my knowledge. I started writing regularly at my blog iamsteve.me. I’m not the only one solving these problems, but If I can help save time, that’s hugely valuable. 
It was through writing my blog that I realised I should focus on what I’m best at, design and CSS.
I used to combine both my blog and portfolio together, more recently decided to make a separate website. This website serves as my portfolio, I’ll use here to keep more recent projects and use behance to serve as an archive as I add more work.